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Who's the Muthaflippin'?

I'm the Muthaflippin'!

Jemaine Clement
10 January 1974
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I'm one half of New Zealand's fourth most popular folk rock band... and one half of our fan club.

Be more constructive with your feedback please.

Before you say anything, that is not an Australian accent. It's a New Zealand accent. I will not "put some shrimp on the barbie" for you. I've never done that in my life.

Hello. My name's Jemaine. And I'm in a band. I was told to say that. Women like men who are in bands, right? I'd like a beautiful girl, preferably one who could be a part-time model. She'd still have to keep her regular job of course because part-time wouldn't pay much, but that's beside the point. I have a girlfriend, and she's hot.

Anyhow, my band's name is Flight of the Conchords. We mostly focus on folk rock, but can also do hip hop, or any other music really. We're a bit desperate. For a gig or a record deal we (our manager included who shot one of our music videos on a camera phone if that tells you anything.) are prepared to do almost anything. I can juggle. And do claymation. Just saying.

My bandmate Bret and I only recently moved to the United States from New Zealand to try our luck with the American music industry. Currently we're located in New York, though if we moved here strictly for music I'm not sure why we're not in Nashville. Even foreigners know that it's called "Music City." I don't know much of anyone around here, but I'm sure that if you like any of the following we will get along fine: paintball, strip and or topless bars, not getting mugged, and most importantly- kebabs and sandwiches. If you say sandwiches are superior you get more points. I'm not entirely certain what the points could be used for, but when I think of something I'll let you know.

Layout and banner made by nicalamity, moodtheme by sunnyringo. I am not the real Jemaine Clement, nor am I affiliated with Flight of the Conchords or HBO. This is a roleplaying journal set in the FotC TV series world, not real person roleplay. It's a homage to the character created by the real Jemaine. No copywrite infringement intended. I'm just a poor college kid having a bit of fun.